This is harder than it looks!

Day 1:

Great ideas, and a past history of cutting and pasting black and white catalog pages, apparently do not a webmistress make. My valiant efforts at creating Pages vs Categories will have to wait for another day when my wonderful web assistant, Julia,  is available to steer me through the minefields of html. Keep tuned, brave readers, we will have book reviews and awesome kitchen experiments soon!

Vixen Kitchen

Enjoyed a quick visit with my talented friend Sundara of “Vixen Kitchen” fame today, she makes delicious vegan gelato and her freezers are full of tasty treats. It’s been a whole lot of fun watching her grow from the backroom of her  home to this gleaming establishment full of whirling machines. Shown here is Sundara, along with her awesome employee, Jamie, who works  daily to produce the most delicious cashew based gelato you’ve ever tasted!

Check out her website, to order online or visit your local shops in the Northern California area, it’s even available at Whole Foods!

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