Clare Reilly’s Awesome Sourdough Pumpkin Sage Feta Bread

These days my free time is mostly spent perusing gorgeous photos of other people’s baked goods on Instagram. I’m having a blast, making new friends, and getting incredibly inspired by the vast amount of creativity I find there.

A case in point is this absolutely delicious bread that I found on Clare Reilly’s site- Just the idea of combining those 4 ingredients had me interested, but I had no idea that the flavor would be so deliciously developed by a long cold rise in the fridge.


My sourdough starter had been quietly hiding  for the last couple of weeks but this makes me think that I need to do more sourdough baking right away! If you want to see Clare’s Instagram account, her handle is #thelifeofclare, or take a look at her website, , whether you live in the United States, Australia, or anywhere around the globe, you need to try out this recipe!

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